Wednesday, September 2, 2009

7 Inch Singles Reviews: Superchunk-Crossed Wires and The Evaporators/Andrew W.K.-A Wild Pear

Ah Superchunk were have you been all this time? Oh, that’s right, on an eight year hiatus! Well no more. 2009 seems to be the year Superchunk comes back to indie rock and I couldn’t be happier. After giving us the great Leaves in the Gutter EP only a few months ago, they return with this single to tease us more until they finish the new album. And you know what, it’s a great tease. These two tracks are classic Superchunk in every sense. The guitars are still distorted to the max and Mac’s lyrics about alienation still hold up even with him being in his late 30’s. It’s nice to see that after all this time, Superchunk is still masters of the 7 inch format. Sure, they aren’t the most “innovative” tracks in the Superchunk library, but your getting two tracks by one of the best indie bands around for the first time in eight years and it’s on clear vinyl. Make the right choice

This is a fun single and that’s all there is to it. It’s not trying to be single of the year or the next big thing on Gorilla vs Bear. No it’s just a simple little single, and that is what makes it so great. The Evaporator’s (one of Nardwaur the Human Serviette’s many projects) is very well done. A brand new song plus a cover of an old forgotten 60’s Canadian band called Les Hou-Lous. However, I think it’s the Andrew W.K. side that steals the show. Sure, fell free to start taking your indie-rock shits all over him because he’s Andrew W.K., but trust me when I say this is a great single side. A cover of the (Canadian) Subhuman’s “Oh Canaduh” and the Leather Uppers’ “Don’t Sell Hot Dogs Tonight” add a nice punk sheen to this single. Plus a section of the Nardwaur’s interview with Andrew W.K. sandwiched between the two covers. Yes, the whole single is a bit dorky, but when it comes on white vinyl, has great cover art, and one of the best inserts ever that explains how every track came to be on the single plus how this almost impossible to imagine collaboration came to be, dorkyness should not be a factor.

(No mp3s posted due to respect of vinyl only releases)

Superchunk's Website

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