Saturday, December 14, 2013


First, a big fat thank you to No Fear of Pop for not only bringing this track to my attention, but to everyone else's as well. "Snacks" is another edition to the galore of tracks Headaches (aka Landon Speers) has been releasing for sometime now, much to my unfortunate lack of knowledge. "Snacks" is such a wonderful track though; it manages to feel both like an ambient track you can lose your mind in, and a dance song you can shake your whole body to. It's constantly fluttering electronic hums give the track a twinkling quality to it, while the beat that runs through it and properly emerges during the 1/3 mark doesn't overtake the track, instead helping it lock into a dreamy groove that envelopes as if causes the head to start bobbing very rapidly. "Snacks" is the audio approximation of staring into a star-filled sky and watching as different stars flickered on and off; it's everything I love in electronic music condensed into a less than five minute long burst of brilliance.


Headaches' Bandcamp

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