Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gauntlet Hair-Keep Time

As the date edges closer to Gauntlet Hair's debut album, so to does the anticipation build for how great it will be. While we wait for that moment, Gauntlet Hair keep upping the excitement with tracks like "Keep Time". "Keep Time" is more in the classic sound that people feel in love, with tidal waves of reverb guitar crashing down along with mountains of cymbals. Ironically I want to make a WU LYF comparison here, despite them coming after Gauntlet Hair. It is wonderful "heavy pop", sprawling and exploding in parts, yet never coming unhinged or noodle-y.   

(mp3) Gauntlet Hair-Keep Time (via Stereogum)


Gauntlet Hair's Website
Pre-order Gauntlet Hair's debut here, from Dead Oceans

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