Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Song: Happy Birthday-Girls FM

I know I do not usually post about individual songs, but like I said I plan to do more, and different posts this year. And this song was way to catchy to pass up. Happy Birthday is the a new project started by King Tuff AKA Kyle Thomas along with Chris Weisman and Ruth Garbus. While King Tuff has a very nice garage feel to their lo-fi, Happy Birthday instead have a more polished 70s pop feel to them, still with that lo-finess hidden underneath. "Girls FM", however, is still just as addictive as anything that King Tuff has made, in that wonderful California sound that keeps building these days. Think Girls meets garage rock plus a little girls group influence sprinkled on.

(mp3) Happy Birthday-Girls FM (via GvB)

Happy Birthday's debut, Happy Birthday, is due out March 16 on Sub Pop. Definitely keep your eyes open when it drops.

Also, for the uninformed, King Tuff as a great cassette out on Burger Records called Was Dead for only $6. It can be bought here.


Happy Birthday Myspace
Happy Birthday Page on Sub Pop
King Tuff Myspace

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