Thursday, June 3, 2010

Julian Lynch-Droplet On A Hot Stone 7"

In the series of bands that everyone one of my blog peers loves completely but I never seem to like (Taken By Trees, Washed Out, Twin Sister), one of the biggest that stood out was Mr. Julian Lynch. For whatever reason, the simple and delicate beauty of Julian Lynch's music never was able grab me in the way it did for other people. That was until a friend of mine sent over a copy of his Orange You Glad EP/LP and I really started paying attention to him. Now that I've heard the A-side "Droplet On A Hot Stone" on his upcoming Underwater Peoples' single, I'm convinced that every song this man crafts his just gold. The single is two songs from his debut Born2Run, on vinyl for the first time, along with a free CD-R of the whole album as well. It's goes out on June 21 and pre-orders are going on now. Also, as if anyone needed an extra reminder, Julian Lynch's second LP, Mare, is coming out later this summer on Olde English Spelling Bee.

(mp3) Julian Lynch-Droplet On A Hot Stone (via Gorilla Vs Bear)

Update: The B-side for this wonderful single has been releaed into the world as well. Please enjoy.

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