Friday, March 26, 2010

Cassette and Single Review: Cloud Nothings/Campfires Split Cassette and Cloud Nothings self-titled Single

Jackpot! I have no idea how Bathetic Records managed to pull this cassette off, but a, but am I glad they did. Two of my favorite one-man/4-track bedroom projects together on one release. Cloud Nothings as you know is the great blend of C86, pop-punk, and 90's indie rock everyone is losing their shit over and here it's just as good as before. Slightly darker tone to the tracks (see the cover art), it is still 4 tunes of absolute catchiness as is everything the man creates. "Little Raygun" is a throw back to Turning On's style, with more poppiness and a dash of silliness that still crams in 8 hooks for e very second that passes.

The Campfires side might be a little more unknown to people. It's another lo-fi project (a Mr. Jeff Walls), but in an entirely different direction. There's a 60's psycodelia feel to the music, but not in the way every other artist these days seems to be doing it. Tribel drums and chants also enter the musical equation as well. It's as if you took the trippier parts of Animal Colelctive (a la Merrieweahter Post Provillian), cut them int 1-2 minute songs , and injected them with a ton more extra catchiness. It is as great as it sounds and the five songs on Campfires side are some of this best yet. Everything on this cassette is just great and definitly something to keep an eye out for.


Cloud Nothings on myspace
Campfires Website
Bathetic Records

This is only the second release from Group Tightener and a very minimalist one at that. No cover, hand numbered, hnad stamped on both sides, and only one song on each side. This is supposedly a preview single for the ban's upcoming 12 inch on Group Tightener as well. It that's ture, then this single tells me I'm going to be counting down the days for that 12 inch.

A side "Morgon" is pure addiction. Sour turned sweet cords over a instantly cathc course along with mile-a-minute uber fuzzed indie rock hooks that will get you dropping the needle onto this side so many time the grooves will be worn out in a day. B side "Another Man" slows things down an ounce and has more of a indie-pop feel to it, but it's still another addictive slice of vinyl. Again it's something about the vocal style that's just as catchy as those guitar. This single sold out fast, but the band still has some and are on tour right now. If they are sold out as well, I recommend begging and mass emailing the label to pring some more (same goes for that cassette).

(mp3) Cloud Nothings-Morgon (via Gorilla vs Bear)


Cloud Nothings on Myspace
Group Tightener Records

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