Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Singles Alert: Best Coast, Hunx and His Punx, and Trailer Trash Tracys

I hope everyone enjoyed the new Best Coast rack because new material is already on its way. All though no big announcement was made, tow more singles are in the works. One for PPC, home of Mika Miko, and Black Iris who has been putting out hose Fool’s Gold 7 inches. All I can say is Bethany sure has some good taste in labels. Also, the website for Group Tightener has popped up, along with news on the site that Best Coast’s single will be out very soon.

Best Coast’s Myspace
Group Tightener’s Website
Black Iris’ Website
PPM Records Website

Anyone who like good garage rock knows/likes Hunx and His Punx. Time after time, Hunx has put out one great 7” after another of skuzzy, catchy, and awesomely gay songs. The only problems are that everyone loves his singles so much that they sell out in a heartbeat and cost a fortune to b online. Thankfully, True Panther has heard your cries and will release a singles comp called (what else) Gay Singles today (yes that is the album cover). However, if you can’t get on of the 1,000 copies or cough up the $18.00 to get it, the always-great Burger Records has a cassette version of it for only $6.00 on sale right now as well.

Hunx and His Punx’s Myspace
True Panther Sounds’ Website
Burger Records’ Website

Finally (thanks for the great people at Gorilla vs. Bear for the heads up), a brand-new band named the Trailer Trash Tracys has released their debut 7” on No Pain in Pop. They play a wonderful blend of My Bloody Valentine and Best Coast, and yes, it is a great as that sounds as that sounds. They are a UK band, so it costs about £4.00 or $11.00 US to get. However, it is well worth it for these utterly blissful yet hellish distorted songs. And it you can’t afford to get
the single (yet), the band has put up streamable versions of their songs on their website as well as a demo version of "Candy Girl".

(mp3) Trailer Trash Tracys-Candy Girl (demo)
Trailer Trash Tracys’ Website
No Pain in Pop Website

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